Google Cloud Platform Fundamentals: Core Infrastructure

Virtualized data centers

  • IaaS (基礎架構作為服務) :類似於資料中心
  • Hybrid
  • PaaS(platform as a service):將程式代碼運算邏輯雲端化
  • Serverless logic
  • Automated elastic resources

GCP regions and zones


  1. Multi-Region
  2. Region
  3. Zone


  • zone doesn’t always correspond to a single physical building.
  • All the zones within a region have fast network connectivity among them.
  • Zones are grouped into regions, independent geographic areas

Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) Network

  • have region and global scale
  • If you increase the size of a subnet in a custom VPC network, the IP addresses of virtual machines already on that subnet might be affected.

Compute Engine

  • virtual machine type
  • standard
  • SSD
  • OS
  • Preemptible VM:可以依據需求暫停虛擬機來節省花費

Cloud Load Balancing

is a fully distributed, software-defined managed service for all your traffic.

Google VPC networks and subnets

  • networks : global scope
  • subnets : regional scope

You can dynamically increase the size of a subnet in a custom network by expanding the range of IP addresses allocated to it. Doing that doesn’t affect already configured VMs.


  • routing tables : forward traffic from one instance to another instance within the same network
  • global distributed firewall : You can control to restrict access to instances, both incoming and outgoing traffic

Cloud Load Balancing options

a fully distributed, software-defined managed service for all your traffic.

  • Global HTTP : can routr different URLs to different back ends
  • GLobal SSL Proxy : Suppoerted on specific port numbers
  • Global TCP Proxy : Supported on specific port numbers
  • Regional : Supported on any port number
  • Regional internal

VPC selection

  • VPC Peering : establish a peering relationship between two VPCs so that they can exchange traffic

  • Shared VPC : full power of IAM to control who and what in one project can interact with a VPC in another

Interconnection options

Peering traffic (traffic flowing between peered networks)

  • VPN
  • Direct Peering : 一對多的共用線路的連線,共享頻寬
  • Carrier Peering
  • Dedirected Interconnect : 建立與Google的加密直接連線,一對一

Cloud Storage: 一種object storage

Different applications and workloads required different storage database solutions

  • 上傳後會被系統賦予一個唯一的索引值,並以buckets的形式儲存
  • 用系統給予的唯一鍵值(key)來索引資料,url形式索引
  • 不被歸類為File Syetem
  • 檔案被上傳後是不可編輯的,但可以透過上傳功能來更新檔案
    [x] 開啟版本管理:可以切換上傳的檔案版本
    [ ] 沒打開版本管理:舊版會無條件被新版替代
  • 在伺服器端會被自動加密且無須花費
  • Access Control Lists : 提供尋找檔案權限管理
  • Life cycle management policy :
  • 排程檔案將被刪除的時間
  • 篩選並刪除某一時間點上傳的檔案
  • 篩選並留下最近上傳的檔案版本

Storage type

最短保留期限 存取頻率
Multi-regional 高,於regional之間
Regional 高,於regional之內
Nearline 30天 約 1 次/月
Coldline 90天 約 1 次/年

Cloud SQL & Cloud Spanner

Cloud SQL Cloud Spanner
scale to higher database sizes
presents SQL interface to clients
offers transactional consistency at global scale

Cloud DataStore & Google BigTable : NoSQL database

in classficatio of relational database

Cloud Datastore Cloud Bigtable
free daily quota
SQL-like queries


Cloud Storage Bigtable Datastore Cloud SQL
儲存類型 Object (BLOB) Store NoSQL Wide column NoSQL Document
資料儲存區域 Multi-Regional Regional Multi-Regional Regional

APP Engine

Google Cloud Endpoints and Apigee Edge

  • Cloud Endpoints

    • have a single coherent way for it to know which end user is making the call
    • the backend services need be in GCP,
  • Apigee Edge

    • focus on business problems like rate limiting, quotas, and analytics.
    • the backend services need not be in GCP,


[1]GCP 儲存空間(一): Cloud Storage/ Datastore / Bigtable / SQL 介紹與比較