Host by GDG Taipei/Taoyuan

In this online speech:
Share the brief process of VUI design and how to apply it to develop a Google Assistant voice app.
At the same time, I share the info of complete tutorial for the listener.

Onsite page description Tutorial (in Chinese)

Hosted by GDG Taiwan

In this online speech:
Share my experience in developing Google Assistant conversational Actions.
In the same time ,I take the audience to create a simple voice application as well.

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* Actions with the mark are available in Chinese(Taiwan) only

July 31, 2019

GOOGLE Assistant connects local services in Taiwan,if you need some fun just ask
(Google 助理連結台灣在地服務 吃喝玩樂一問就知)

 • Meal Decider
 • Cows and Bulls
 • Master of riddle *
 • Sport Meeting of Brain *

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March 31, 2020

Protecting health together, making good use of GOOGLE to make life not boring anymore
(共同守護健康 善用 Google 不無聊)

 • Text Solitaire *

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Action library
They can automatically change language by user preference!

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