"Opportunities are reserved for those who are prepared"

ex-Backend Engineer @ LINE TV

2020 - 2022 | Master

National Taiwan University of Science and Technology

Computer Science and Information Engineering
2014 - 2018 | Bachelor

National Chi Nan University (Taiwan)

Applied Material and Optoelectronic Engineering
2022/09 - 2024/04 | Backend Engineer

LINE TV (Choco Tech)

Collaborate with colleagues to maintain and develop LINE TV products. Responsibilities:

  1. Analyze requirements: Work closely with PMs to understand business requirements and design APIs, databases, and system architectures accordingly. Summarize findings into feasibility assessments.
  2. Project development: Write logic based on the post-POC architecture and ensure smooth product iteration through unit testing and integration testing.
Key Projects:
  • Reward Sending Operation Modularization: Transformed the original localized manually executed script into a "modular" architecture design, reducing internal OP by 80%.
  • Task Module Revamp: Collaborated with colleagues to move logic originally implemented on the mobile app to the backend, resulting in:
    • Assist in writing the logic for program interaction with databases and synchronously build the backstage to reduce internal OP by 90%
    • Assisted in refining integration testing and unit testing to ensure smooth subsequent iterations.
  • Web Purchase Page Revamp: Added discount code functionality and assisted in building a backend to reduce internal OP.
  • Third-Party Playlist Recommendation System Construction: Collaborated with the Data Team to establish a playlist information delivery pipeline and assisted in building a corresponding backend for the Data Team to verify recommended playlists.
  • Payment Plan Backstage: Assisted in building payment plan backstage-related APIs and adding audit functionality.

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2021/07 - 2021/08 | Intern

APMIC OpenTalk

  • Construct a CI/CD pipeline to package the repostrity to Docker image and deploy to Kubernates environment on GCP
  • Assist in writing web crawler Python programs
  • Assist in resolving settings issues on GCP

2021/03 - 2021/06 | Apprentice

Google Cloud Student Sprint Program @ Google

  • This program is a 10-week online course and workshop from March to June.
  • It combines approximately 40 students from Taiwan, China, and overseas students.
  • We were grouped in 5 to 6 people as a team and under the mentorship of one Googler mentor who is the cloud engineer at Google Cloud.
  • We got the knowlwdge of Google Cloud Platform and immersed in Google culture.
  • The final goal is leading us to pass the Google Cloud Associate Cloud Engineer (ACE) professional certification exam and I got the certificate successfully.

2020/11/29 - 2022/11/29 | TOEIC


2021/06/09 - 2023/06/09 | Google Cloud

Associate Cloud Engineer

An Associate Cloud Engineer deploys applications, monitors operations, and manages enterprise solutions.
This individual is able to use Google Cloud Console and the command-line interface to perform common platform-based tasks to maintain one or more deployed solutions that leverage Google-managed or self-managed services on Google Cloud.

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Programming language

☑ Python
☑ javascript
☑ Frontend(HTML, javascript, CSS)


☑ VS Code
☑ NodePad++


☑ Node.js
☑ Keras


☑ Firebase
☑ DialogFlow
☑ Colab

JAVA Reading Record
《Java 7 Teaching Manual, 5 edition》

Author: 洪維恩
Publishing House:Flag Technology CO.,LTD
Publishing Date:2012-08-07
Language:Tranditional Chinese

Learning Record on Github
Paper publish
Information Science

S. M. Chen and S. H. Yu,
“Multiattribute decision making based on novel score function and the power operator of interval-valued intuitionistic fuzzy values,”
Information Sciences, vol. 606, pp. 763-785, August 2022.

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IT Help Ironman contest 13TH

Host by IThome, In this 30 days non-stop tutorial blog challenge Share the main concept of voice user interface and how to apply it to develope a Google Assistant voice app

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Google Assistant APP

On the device supported Google Assistant, you can be helped!
Whether smartphone, speaker or TV, even on your car!

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GDG Taipei

* Speaker @ DevFest Taipei/Taoyuan 2020
* Speaker @ DevFest Taipei 2021

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TensorFlow User Group Taipei (Taipei, Taiwan)
Co-Organizer / Speaker

Assist ML GDE Jerry Wu manage the meetup group
* Hoding「From Python to Tensorflow」Online bookclub
* Be a speaker @ 「TENSORFLOW EVERYWHERE:From 0 to 1」(2021/07/21)

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Woman in AI
Traching Assistant @ AI workshop for Senior High School Students (2021/08/20)

A single-day event which is mentoring the junior high students to solve and analyze problems by using technology and operating AI and data prep work.

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